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My name is Kamy Dova, clairvoyant and medium. I’ve had past life memories and supernatural experiences since a young child. My spirit communication practice and Tarot reading became a second nature to me when I was 14 years old. Since then I have never stopped learning new practices, driven to provide you with the highest quality spiritual services! What sets me apart from other practitioners is that I TRULY CARE FOR YOU! When I take a client request, I follow up on his/her progress until complete satisfaction! When needed I do offer additional sessions free of charge or exchange for a product. I will never let you down!

Montreal Medium®

After 20 years exploring various spiritual techniques, I shifted my attention to the scientific field to better understand the human nature. Currently I am a Naturopath, registered with the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada (ACNN 19-6412) and specializing in Aromatherapy. I am also member of CASC, Canadian Association for Spiritual Care. In Canada I have graduated with BA Psychology Specialization & MA Spiritual Care.

As a Witch, I consider ritual magic as part of everyday life. The artist in me likes to create handmade spiritual jewellery and crochet toys 🙂 I combine my passions for Arts & Spirituality into custom made amulets, talismans and rituals.


  • More than 20 years experience as a Clairvoyant
  • 13 200 YouTube Subscribers
  • 3 031 246 video views 
  • 4 466 Facebook Followers
  • 70 + 5 star Reviews
  • Hundreds of Reiki initiations
  • Thousands of clients from around the world: Canada, United States, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Australia, Greece, Vietnam, India, Spain, Taiwan, Lebanon, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Lithuania, Philippines, Kuwait, Trinidad & Tobago, Estonia, Indonesia, Croatia, Switzerland, Moldova, Hungary, Albania, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Slovakia, Portugal, Dominical republic, Malta, Serbia, Ireland, Czechia, Netherland, Poland, Hong Kong, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey, Sweden, New Zealand, Belgium, France.

Professional Development

  • 1990’s Pendulum
  • Channeling, Spirit Communication
  • Automatic writing
  • Traditional Tarot
  • 2014 Reiki Master Teacher
  • 2015 Realm Reading
  • 2015 Past Life Regression
  • Meditation
  • Certified Angel Card Reader
  • 2016 Fairyologist
  • Mediumship Certification
  • Spirit Attachments
  • Past Life Vows
  • Space clearing
  • Third eye activation
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Progression
  • Akashic Records
  • 2017 Angel Intuitive
  • 2018 BA Psychology
  • 2019 Naturopath
  • Aromatherapy
  • Registered Behaviour Technician
  • Hypnosis
  • 2019 Canadian Association for Spiritual Care
  • 2020 MA Spiritual Care

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