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I am excited to share the news! I have completed my training as a Funeral Officiant!

What do I do?

As a Funeral Officiant, I meet first with the grieving family to conduct a brief interview. This first meeting allow us to exchange the necessary information regarding the ceremony. Who was the deceased, what did this person love, what were his/her beliefs and what type of funeral ceremony did he/she wanted to have?

The Ceremony

Every funeral ceremony is UNIQUE! Created according to your beliefs. It is a spiritual experience, but it is not necessarily related to any religion. Even if your family has mixed beliefs or members from various religions, we will work together to create a beautiful ceremony respectful towards everyone attending!

How long does it take?

We will schedule a brief meeting (about half an hour) and then follow up with couple of emails / telephone calls.

I will customize your ceremony within 24 hours.


You choose the location! As my work is not restricted by any religious canon, you have the freedom to conduct the funeral ceremony in any place: funeral agency location, your home, outdoors, any other place of your choice.


contact me for further details.


Most often we are being contacted by the family of the deceased person. But more and more often it is the case of senior citizens or terminally ill people to contact funeral officiants directly. In this case we create the ceremony together and incorporate in our relationship a spiritual counselling, if needed.

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