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On 27th Sep 2018 I attended the event “Power of success tour” with Tony Robbins in Ottawa, Canada. Long anticipated meeting, he is such a talented speaker and coach, I am truly happy to have attended! 💙
I will share some interesting observations. Tony and his speakers talked about the same things we already know and use of course, but with a different terminology. I recognized many Reiki / Spiritual terms in my Psychology learning and now I hear them yet again in a third way. The conclusion is that we all share the same truth, but we speak different soul languages! Don’t you think 😉
Here are few examples:
– Downloads = Angel / Spirit guide communication / Inspiration / intuition
– Metacognition – being more self aware, observing your own thoughts. / in spiritual prctices we avoid using negative words, we try to rephrase in a positive way, but this effort requires us to think what we think before we speak.
– Practical exercises for body and mind to relieve stress = Meditation
– Shifting your focus from worries to goals = One of the Reiki principles “Today I will not be angry”
– Destiny = Determinism – Believeing everything happens for a reason
– Grace = being grateful / acknowledging higher power or simply appreciation for life / relates to Downward social comparison (compare your life with others in worse conditions thus feel better)
– visualization exercises / guided imagery = meditation
– Blueprint = schemas = prejudice
– rewarding yourself / instrumental conditioning – learn to associate events/practices with a positive outcome
– cognitive behavioural therapy methods using positive affirmations- known in New Age.
Ang there are many more! I am trying to collect more, and perhaps publish them all together one day. If you have other suggestions or disagree with anything, feel free to comment. And whatever your termoniology is, as long as you apply the beneficial techniques and they work, this is all that matters!

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