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Self-love is the key to both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Only then you will have the heath and strenght to dedicate more time to your spiritual development. This is not a 5 minutes read. In fact, I don’t know how fast you read and will you stick around untill the end. But I have very important information to share, so let’s jump righ in.

I can hear your initial reaciton “Are you asking us to be selfish?”. Call it what you want, it’s all a vocabulary game. The truth is that if you don’t take care of yourself first, you will have no chance to care for others. Don’t be the Chocolate man! Continue reading, it will all make sense. I will give you 2 examples.

First, I am reading the book “Keep your breasts” by Susan Moss. She writes about cancer prevention and in the book she shares her inspiring story of self-healing and recovering from breast cancer. She emphasized the importance of a daily spiritual practice in our lives, but above all taking care of ourselves. Dedicating an hour per day for exercise, and if this is too much, start slow, 15 min is better than nothing. I highly recommend the book, I found it in the library, you can also get it through Amazon. We all know how important exercise is, how important it is to choose our food wisely, to cook, to eat healthy. But we don’t always do it.

What is stopping us? Procrastination, unbelief, laziness? The excuse that “we don’t have time” don’t you love that one? Time is abstract, it can be subjectively experienced, but overall we have constructed tools to measure time. We all have at our disposal 24 hours a day. Dedicating 1 of those 24 hours for YOU and YOURSELF only doesn’t seem like a mathematical absurdity. You are working, you have three kids, a dog, a cat, real estate properties, you have to clean the house, can I hear yet another excuse not to spend some time for stress-relief? Organize and prioritize! I challenge you to sit down for a minute and consider how time consuming is sickness? The doctors’ appointments, the waiting rooms, the anxiety, the trips to the pharmacy, testing, waiting… How expensive it is?!?! Very expensive, especially if you don’t have medical insurance! Why not avoid all that frustration by LOVING YOURSELF FIRST! I will give you specific suggestions at the end. But first, let’s see the second example.

Second example is the story about “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde. While his idea may have been to show us the beauty of sacrifice, I will use the same story to prove my point. We will tragically witness the demise of both the prince and the little swallow, because they were too concerned about others and simply forgot to take care of themselves. The swallow kept saying “I will wait with you one night longer” the perfect exemple of a professional procrastinator. You are going to start to take care of yourself, but tomorrow, right? The prince sacrificed his sapphires eyes, then his gold coating, and finally his loyal friend. And yes, the story ends by angels bringing up in heaven their hearts as the symbols of the two most precious things. The moral story about empathy is loud and clear. But I have a new perspective on this story, and I am giving it as an example of what happens to people who forget to take care of themselves.

Don’t be the chocolate man, who gives away a piece of himself to feed others. Instead, become a chocolate factory! You will definately achieve more happy deliveries!

Self-care examples, chose at least one but do it daily:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditation
  • Reiki or another spiritual practice – Prayer, Mantra listening, singing …
  • Physical exercise – at least walking
  • Sleeping enough (nightime sleep + naps should average ~8 hours)
  • Healthy diet
  • Avoid stressors like negative people, too much television (depressing news) Instead spend some time with your hobby or read a book!

My routine combines them all. Every day I do a mixture of these practices, and I don’t fanatically follow a schedule. I simply listen to my body and intuition and dedicate time for relaxation and self-development. In the long run, I hope to remain as healthy and strong as possible, to be able to help you! It’s a simple equasion 😉

Comment this post and share your self-care routine!

Kamy Dova, Naturopath, dedicated to your wellbeing!

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