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The main idea of my blog post will be shared in the first paragraph, just in case you don’t like to read long articles. I don’t know how much do you expect from life if you are allergic to long readings, but then again it is your decision. This post is about RESPONSIBILITY! Taking responsibility for your own actions. If you read, dedicate time to self-improvement, educate yourself, work hard (and smart), success will follow. If you don’t, it’s ok. People have a choice. But then when you fail miserably, please recall that these were your decisions that led to the current outcome and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. That is trully the first step towards a positive change! Let me give you a metaphorical example:

For the sake of this exercise, let’s say that life can be full of dirty puddles sometimes. You walk around getting soaked and dirty, especially if you don’t care to avoid them. When you have had enough, and maybe you even start to smell the stink, you decide to come to me for a Reiki session. I will be happy to give you the energy shower that you need! I will TEACH you how to put on your socks (energy protection) and even how to wear shoes (do Reiki sessions yourself). All this knowledge is available. It is also very easy to use, efficient and affordable. So you come to my spiritual sanctuary, get the nice clean and soothing energy shower, you wash away all your worries. You even receive a new pair of socks and learn how to protect your feet. You are also given a new pair of shiny shoes, Dorothy! Well, keep your shoes on! (And if you are a melomane you can keep your hat on too…) But in reality what happens most of the times? People go on with their lives, they put their new shoes and socks in the cupboard at home, they continue to walk around barefoot and they insist in stepping into this dirty puddles along the way. Finally, they turn around and blame their spiritual counsellor, that he or she couldn’t keep their feet dry. Well, unless you take responsibility and start wearing your footwear, your feet will remain exposed to a series of unpleasant conditions.

Before you go, answer these questions. Do you find these situations sane?

  • A patient lead an unhealthy lifestyle for years. He is diagnosed with diabetes. His doctor prescribes a treatment (exercise and diet plan) plus any necessary medications. The patient ignore his doctor’s advice and keep eating cake. Later he comments “That is an uncompetent doctor, he couldn’t fix me.”
  • A client is dying her own hair for years. She is not taking good care of her hair – again – for years. She goes to a hairdresser for one haircut and one colouring. The years of damage can’t be fixed with this single visit and she blames the stylist “Such an incompetent hairdresser! My hair is not silky yet”
  • A client goes to the gym and attends one session with a personal trainer. He is given a list of exercises to do at home, plus recommended food to eat and what to avoid. After a month of doing nothing but watching Netflix and eating burgers, the client says “Such a lame trainer, he couldn’t get me motivated… I am still fat and lazy.”

I could go on, but you got the point (I hope) Unless you TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and you are READY to CHANGE, you can not succeed any addiction program, any spiritual development program, any health program, anything at all.

How to begin, what tools to use – I have you covered. I can guide you and support you. But I can’t do the work INSTEAD of you. So please keep your shoes on 😉

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