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I wish to open the subject about spiritual discrimination. It is a sad subject, but I don’t want to make my blog depressing, and as a comedy fan I will try to express my thoughts in a less negative way whenever possible.

People talk about different types of discrimination – racial, social, ethnical, religious, gender, sexual orientation; discrimination based on appearance – body type, weight, height and so on. You know what? There is also a spiritual discrimination! You see, coming out of the spiritual closet is not an easy thing. It can cost you many friendships, many job offers, sometimes direct provocation or hateful comments. Speaking of online hate, I have been accused in doing a partnership with Satan on numerous occasions… if only he knew!

“Coming out” is like being a snail who dared to go out of his shell and extended his tentacles with his eyes on top to enjoy the world. Then a strong wind blew him on the face and he quickly returned to his shell. Many people try to come out and express their spiritual beliefs openly, sadly they are being bullied and regress back into their shells. I guess that makes me a tough snail πŸ™‚ I keep sticking my tentacles out no matter what!

My intention is not to compare the different types of discrimination. Nor to classify them into a hierarchy. I am not black, neither gay, jewish, arab… I will never know exactly what these people are going through suffering from racial, sexual, religious and ethnic discrimination respectively; therefore I can not speak for them, I can only support their rights and freedoms. But I also felt discriminated many times on the basis of my spiritual beliefs. And people are not discussing this subject in the media. Religion is trendy, it’s a big deal if your religious beliefs get challenged. You may even be eligible to submit a complaint with the human rights commision. If you consider yourself spiritual without necessarily belonging to a religion (which is the contemporary reality for the majority of people in 2019), you are like a free atom hanging out there. There is no structure to support you, you can join any chemical reaction you like, disconnect and continue. The spiritual path can be lonely. It can be also very fulfilling, it depends how you look at it. Let me give you an example. You have heard many stories about dedicated spiritual people who went into the mountain to meditate in isolation for weeks. On the other side when a group of people go out into the mountains, they usually engage in a very different type of activities. Have you heard of someone who discovered Nirvana while dealing with hangover, on his way back from a group gathering? Seldom? Never? Give me an example! That is to say that spirituality is personal, it requires alone time and introspection. But when you are ready to come back into society and implement your rediscovered spiritual truth, you see that people are not ready to hear that your opinion may differ.

Yes I do understand how the human brain function (I am not a neuroscientist though), I have read the not-so-entertaining biology materials about cells, molecules, neurotransmitters and so on, but if I say that I believe that there is something more to human consciousness – and especially if I say that in front of my psychology colleagues, I get the look “She is crazy and needs some therapy + medications.” Send a CV to an employer, for sure he’s going to look you up online. I have had people commenting my Tarot readings on an interview… I personally grew beyond the need to fit in. I lost many many people along the way of spiritual growth. What I have gained back makes me much happier and I do not regret any second of it. The reason for writing this article is because OTHER PEOPLE suffer from this silent discrimination and I wish to be their voice. They are hundreds, thousands of intuitive people who are afraid to share even with their family what their beliefs are. They repress their emotions and keep living an unhappy life! This is not right, it is not fair and I truly hope that it will change. How do I know that – I spoke with many of them! I have a private Facebook group for people with psychic abilities. Many join driven from their interest in the field, their desire to learn but then they are afraid to comment, to like or to share an online post, because “other people will see and judge”…they have told me so in numerous private messages, so this is an observation, it is not an assumption!

Tolerance, acceptance, love, understanding towards the others who are different than us. This is what we need. We are all the same on a molecular level after all πŸ˜‰ I hope you find the strenght to SPEAK your truth and oppose the silent discrimination!

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