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We are all too busy. That’s the curse of the modern age. And yet, some people manage to maintain the harmony in their life and their coping mechanism doesn’t allow stress to take over their mental and physical health. Are you too busy to enjoy life?


  • Take 5 min a day to yourself – I mean it, 5 min to start and please don’t tell me you don’t have the time. You are the person controlling your schedule. Cut 5 min from another activity such as browsing Facebook, watching TV etc and pamper yourself with meditative music or even better – with silence! If you need ideas on how to achieve it, I guide my clients through the Meditation service, available as a distant session (via Skype or telephone). Once you learn the techniques, practice on your own for 1 or 2 weeks before we move onto the next exercise.
  • Enjoy a home session – did you know that I do home visits? I offer this service to allow all clients with reduced mobility or super busy lifestyle, to maintain their mental health (because it affects the physical health too). We can do Aromatherapy, Reiki, Meditation, Counselling, Certification classes, all in the convenience of your own home. Additional charges apply, email me for details.
  • Follow Up – I can’t stress enough about the importance of follow up! Think about it, how often do you eat? How often do you brush your teeth? How often do you take shower? Then why do you take care of your mental & spiritual bodies only once a year? To adapt to your needs my schedule stretches over night hours, weekends, home visits, telephone sessions… guidance is available, you just need to want to live a happy life 🙂
  • Bring the therapy into your home – this is exactly what Aromatherapy treatment does! Take your aromatherapy products home and continue to enjoy the benefits EVERY DAY! You need a refill? No problem, email or call me, have it prepared in advance and simply pass by to collect at your convenience. Home delivery can be scheduled too if necessary! Did I hear another excuse – you live outside of Montreal? No problem! I will have your personal blends sent (after we have an initial session to determine your medical history and current needs) or I will email you simple recipes that you can do at home with ingredients easily accessible in any pharmacy!

You really don’t have an excuse for ignoring your wellbeing anymore 😉

My personal routine includes a quiet morning period of at least 5 min alone, to THANK the universe for everything I have & to set up my daily goals. I spend most of my day helping other people, so at night I need time to do an energy clearing (simple 1 min visualization), I put 4-5 drops of essential oils in my diffuser and meditate before going to bed. Throughout the day my aromatherapy inhaler is always in my purse. When I do a session or meditation, I use my aromatherapy roll-on to shift instantly into the meditative state. 5+1+5 = 11 minutes, which make a huge difference in my life. I will be happy to share with you all my secrets of achievable and affordable stress-free life!

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