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Hand Massage called the M-Technique

In my practice, I offer Reiki and Aromatherapy, both are very soothing techniques, yet none of them require touching the client/patient. Another way to connect with my clients is this gentle form of massage – the ‘M’ Technique! This is a gentle form of hand massage (foot or full body versions exist too) created by Jane Buckle, PhD nurse. I wrote about her in my previous blog post related to Aromatherapy & Pain Management.

The ‘M’ Technique is a registered trademark by Jane Buckle. I am looking forward to attend a workshop in the States in person. In the meantime, I trained using Jane’s official DVD program. Now this method is offered as an aromatherapy hand massage in my office.

With this article, I wanted to share with you all the amazing clinical research done about its effectiveness!  

Montagu (1986) wrote that when people were deprived from physical touch they suffered the so-called “skin hunger” (as cited in Buckle, 2015). ‘M’ Technique is especially suitable for patients in hospitals, the elderly in senior’s residencies, terminally ill or dying patients in hospices, premature babies and young infants, pregnant women… everyone who is fragile and for whom the traditional massage is not recommended. I work in this field – with hospital patients and elderly residents, and this research is very inspiring for me! 

The ‘M’ Technique is a registered method of gentle, structured touch suitable for the very fragile, actively dying or stressed individuals. Anyone can learn the ‘M’ Technique.” (Buckle, 2015, p. 117). The technique has been also called “physical hypnotherapy”. M stands for “manual”, but this technique is also known as “Magic” and “Mesmerizing” (Buckle, 2015).

Meanwhile the M-Technique can be applied of course to anyone. I am now offering this service as an addition to my Aromatherapy sessions. Book your session here:

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The research:

  • End of life studies on terminal agitation – Scranton Hospice in Pennsylvania, Beth Israel Hospice in New York, Harris Methodis Hospice in Texas; in all cases the technique reduced the agitation. 
  • The massage calmed patients in intensive care before extubation.
  • Reduced pregnancy-induced hypertension and blood pressure in pregnant women; helps laboring mothers. 
  • The ‘M’ Technique affects different brain parts than conventional massage and has a more profound effect (Buckle, 2015).
  • It is suitable for patients with special needs, because the massage uses repetitive strokes and it is very soothing. Many patients stated they lose the track of time while receiving this massage. (children with Autism are suitable participants too!)
  • A woman with end-stage MS (multiple sclerosis) who had severe pain 10 out of 10, was able to reduce it to 5/10 with the help of the technique. 
  • Many patients were unable to relax or to fall asleep because of their illness. With the gentle hand massage and aromatherapy, those patients managed to rest.

Testimonials about the M-Technique:

  • The ‘M’ Technique® is like a wonderful choreographed dance – a dance that combines mind, body and spirit and connects the give and receiver. —Maria Mazzer, RN, HN-BC. The Valley Hospital, NJ.
  • The ‘M’ Technique® is easy, effective and great for stress. I highly recommend it. 
    —Woodson Merrill MD. Director, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY
  • The ‘M’ Technique® is a great way to shed all the trappings of a busy life and allow yourself to just ‘be’. It really works and so quickly. Plus, I relax as I get into the ‘dance’ of the technique. —Linda Russell. BSN, Complementary Therapist, CT.

Reference: Buckle J. 2015. Clinical aromatherapy. Essential oils in healthcare. Elsevier, London, UK, 3rd ed.

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