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When it comes to the therapeutic benefits of massage for your health, one massage is better than nothing, but the true wellness is achieved with maintaining your good physical and mental condition. To make your choice easier and more affordable, I am offering you the following aromatherapy massage packages.

Aromatherapy Massage is 1 hour Swedish massage on massage table. The client may undress to his/her comfort level, lay down on the massage table and cover the body with sheets and blanket. You may remain fully clothed if you wish to, in this case essential oils will be applied only to your hands. In addition you are inhaling the essential oils through a diffuser, to complete your Aromatherapy session. The price includes 1 hour therapy plus 15 min for preparation and consultation. It includes all the organic carrier oils and the highest quality 100% pure essential oils. Complementary aromatherapy products can be purchased, prices starting from 5.40$. In addition you are enjoying the efects of Reiki energy and relaxing meditative music.

Regular Massage Price (no essential oils) – 85 $ per hour

Aromatherapy Massage packages:

1 x 125 $ = 125 $

2 x 110 $ = 220 $ (instead of 250 $)

3 x 100 $ = 300 $ (instead of 375 $)

4 x 90 $ = 360 $ (instead of 500 $)

5 x 85 $ = 425 $ (instead of 625 $)

6 months membership x 75 $ monthly payment = 450 $ (instead of 750 $)

Save 50% with a 12 months membership! 1 year membership x 62.50 $ monthly payment = 750 $ (instead of 1500 $)

CONTACT ME with the chosen package and you will receive your subscription email with details. Don’t forget that you can also get insurance receipts for your visits!

Is this your first time getting a massage? Or maybe the first time trying aromatherapy? Do you have any questions? Call me!

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Kamy Dova, Naturopath & Certified Aromatherapist

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