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Welcome! You came to this page because you care about your health and wellbeing. I care too! My name is Kamy Dova, Naturopath & Spiritual Counsellor.

My exploration of the spiritual world began at the age of 5. Throughout the years I have continued learning with the intention to help other people achieve and maintain spiritual wellbeing! Since 2014 I have dedicated full-time to spiritual work. Driven to provide you with the highest quality services, I have obtained the following diplomas and certifications: BA Psychology SpecializationMA Spiritual Care, Reiki Master Teacher, Naturopath, Clinical Aromatherapist, Past Life Regression Teacher. 

As a professional I am commited to continuing education. My articles, based on the latest scientific research are published weekly on the blog

Most of my clients need Stress Management and/or search for Spiritual Development. See their testimonials. Click on the button below to begin your exciting personal journey!

Naturopath Montreal , ACNN Member 19-6412 

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