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Welcome to my page! My name is Kamy Dova, a Naturopath & Spiritual Counsellor, excited to share my knowledge and expertise with everyone in need!

I used to have a very demanding job causing me an enormous stress. This led to a series of physical symptoms and at the age of 30 I have visited over 20 medical specialists in 6 months. None of them could find the reason to my suffering. Then I discovered Reiki(in 2014)! This is a spiritual practice where we do an energy session to our self or others. And my symptoms were gone! No more pills for headache, stomachache, digestion, menstrual cramps, you name it! IT WAS SO EASY AND EFFICIENT, THAT I HAD TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE! The day I was initiated into Reiki, I knew I wanted to become Reiki Master Teacher and help spread that natural healing power with everyone who is ready to receive it.

Then I moved to Montreal, Canada. My spiritual private practice has been open since 2015. Driven to provide better services to my clients I returned to university where I graduated with a BA in Psychology Specialization (extended credit program, Concordia University) & MA in Contemporary Religious Studies, with clinical internship in Spiritual Care (Sherbrooke University).

The next step to help my clients even further was to complete my Aromatherapy certification. Now as a Naturopath my sessions are covered by most insurance companies, and I can make my services more affordable to people who are facing stress daily. Stress has an impact on our health and through Reiki + Meditation (Regression) + Aromatherapy we can deal efficiently with it.

My life is dedicated to help you regain the balance between Body, Mind & Spirit. If you are ready to receive it, let’s discuss your needs!

Naturopath Montreal , ACNN Member 19-6412 Kamelia Deleva-Dimitrova

  • Experience in Europe, Middle East and North America.
  • Specialization: Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Spiritual development, Palliative Care.
  • Techniques: Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Reiki, Past Life Regression and Spiritual Counselling
  • Clientele: I have worked with babies, infants, children, preadolescents, adolescents, adults, seniors. People with mental and/or physical disabilities. With training as Registered Behavior Technician and diploma in Psychology, I have worked with children on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD). Currently I am conducting spiritual consultations in a seniors home (CHSLD) where I work with the elderly population with disabilities.