Back to the Basics – 5 relaxation tips

I am not here to tell you what to do. Rather to help you clarify your plans and structure them. In fact, we life coaches sometimes say that people don’t know what they want. Now when I think about it, I find this statement underestimating and even offending. You KNOW what you want, but your thoughts may not be organized in a structured plan. Therefore, counsellors and life coaches exist, to help you and facilitate that transition journey on the horizon!

Here are some of my tips:

Going back to the basics – If you are young enough you may not have experienced what is life without electronics. And I am not against gadgets, don’t get me wrong, I am a fan! But moderation is needed to keep our life balanced. Living in a big city, you experience the traffic, rushing for appointments, constantly checking your phone for emails, text messages, voicemails… I decided to spend my Christmas vacation “Going back to the basics”

  1. Spend time with family
  2. Relax and enjoy life
  3. Engage in a hobby
  4. Cook
  5. Handwriting

I limited my social media experience to my closest family members (1), spend some time chatting with friends on Christmas day, but the rest of the 2-3 weeks I dedicated to just Experiencing every day. This is called Mindfulness (2), and I am going to present you a Mindfulness class in the next few months. Then I rediscovered crochet (3)(knitting with one crochet hook) and I love it! I am sure you heard about Art Therapy. I find that any hobby you enjoy can be an inexpensive home based therapy session! It’s all about concentrating on your current project, not ruminating about past or future problems. So, we came back to the concept of Mindfulness, which is simply put – Be Here and Now. In spirituality, this is called Grounding. During the semester when I study, or when I work, honestly there is not much time left for cooking. I do try to prepare my food and eat healthy, but cooking 7 days a week is often not a feasible plan. During my vacation, I did enjoy cooking (4), for the sake of time spend with my daughter, for increasing the quality of the family meals and so on. After all those are some memories that we (hopefully) cherish down the road. Finally, handwriting! Typing is good too, as long as you exercise your handwriting once in a while. Successful Psychologists, Life Coaches, Therapists, Counsellors, they all advise their clients to KEEP A JOURNAL (5). Some call it Diary record, it’s the same thing. Writing is another form of therapy. It is a self-expression. It lets you organize your thoughts, the very notion we discussed at the beginning of this conversation. It is a healthy practice and the side effects include educating yourself and improving your grammar!

When you write down your wishes, concerns, you see the physical representation of your plans. This allows you to better structure your goals, as already mentioned, but also to stay focused! This bring me to the topic of Motivation Board (wish board), which I explain all about in my bookMake your wishes come true – 7 Steps To Manifest Through The Law Of Attraction”, available on Amazon. I made a video on the subject back in January 2015, but since this video is in Bulgarian language, I may redo it in English to reach out to you guys. If you want to learn all about it plus practical examples and instructions on how to do it, you can check my book today. The Law of attraction is not a concept created by me of course, I share my personal experience as an evidence of its accuracy.

Let me know what topics do you wish to discuss! Stay positive & motivated!

~ Kamy Dova



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