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Aromatherapy Certification Course, Aromatherapy Diploma, Total 400 h

60 h a month, 15 h a week; 24 weeks x 360 h + 40 h case studies

The course has several introductory sections which can be taken in person (Skype for students at distance), the rest of the material will be send to you to complete if you wish to finish the course at your own pace. In person classes are shceduled to be completed in 6 months.

  1. Introduction to Aromatherapy (15h)
  2. Limbic System (15h)
  3. Essential oils, Part 1 – application and contraindications (15h)
  4. Client Interview (15h)
  5. Essential oils, Part 2 – extraction and classification (15h)
  6. Essential oils, Part 3 – specific oils and their use (15h)
  7. Energy bodies (aura) (15h)
  8. The skin (15h)
  9. The skeleton (15h)
  10. The muscles (15h)
  11. Circulatory system (15h)
  12. Nervous system (15h)
  13. Endocrine system (15h)
  14. Digestive system (15h)
  15. Respiratory system (15h)
  16. Lymphatic system (15h)
  17. Genitourinary system (15h)
  18. Carrier oils, blends (15h)
  19. Stress Management (15h)
  20. Aromatherapy Massage 1 (15h)
  21. Aromatherapy Massage 2 (15h)
  22. Professional ethics (15h)
  23. Marketing tips (15h)
  24. Case Studies (40h)
  25. Review, questions, certificate (15h)

Read more about Aromatherapy and all its benefits on this link.

Price 980$ / or installment plan

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