How to care for your jewelry

Congratulations! You just got that beautiful piece of jewelry which makes you happy. And if you want to enjoy it in the years to come, please take special care for it. Here is a simple guideline how to take care of jewelry made by Kamy Dova. Based on the materials used in the jewelry:

  • Glass (crystals, glass seed beads, glass pears) – you can wet it, even shower.
  • Gemstones – can be wet, it is even recommended to wash them under running water to clean the negative energy absorbed. Just beware – wet them only in elastic cord bracelet, cord and thread rings and bracelets, but keep away from water if the jewelry consist of metal parts such as clasps, chains, links, charms etc.
  • Metal – do not wet, avoid washing hands with metal jewelry.
  • Wire – same as metal: avoid water contact.
  • Leather (and suede) – keep away from water, but if you occasionaly wash your hands with your leather bracelet on, it is ok.
  • Thread (cotton thread, polyamide, silk) – can be wet and shower but the colour and elasticity will worsen. To maintain the jewelry in best shape and look better avoid water.

Note – where written not to wet this includes keep away from perfumes, sweat (remove when doing sport). General guideline is to keep your jewelry away from humidity – do not leave it in the bathroom; away from perfumes and hairspray; away from extreme temperature and direct sunlight. If possible keep the jewelry separately to avoid scratches – each piece in its original box or store in a jewellery box with separators. In conclusion – if you, like me, love to have one everyday bracelet that will not damage in water – get a bracelet with elastic cord and gemstones. Plus you will benefit form its properties.