Angel Tarot Course


Angel Tarot Certification Course. In person class is intensive 4 hours class with case studies for homework and follow up support. The second option is an online class, you get the PDF of the material, submit your readings and study at your own pace.

After finishing this course, you will be able to give more accurate and detailed readings, which will bring blessings to you and your clients. The course includes details about the Angel cards, but it has been created to help you in the use of ANY oracle cards – either traditional Tarot, Angel cards, or other Oracle cards. This is a practical course and you will have a chance to do 13 readings for yourself and others.

  • Energy Protection and Clearing
  • The difference between the card decks – Tarot, Angel cards, Oracle cards
  • How to prepare yourself before the reading
  • One card reading, daily reading, Yes or No questions, When and Where questions
  • How to conduct readings for clients
  • Interpreting the cards without reading the booklet
  • Gaining clarity and confidence in your abilities through 13 exercises
  • Difference between card layouts / spreads
  • Working with multiple card decks simultaneously for more detailed answers
  • In depth knowledge about the 3 main types of readings: Romance, Health & Life Purpose
  • How to turn card readings into a career – practical marketing strategies and support
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  1. Learn to shield yourself (Part One)
  2. Clear your space
  3. Prepare your card deck
  4. Prepare yourself
  5. How to care for your cards
  6. Tarot History
  7. Getting used to your cards
  8. How to select a card (how to draw, pull a card)
  9. Multiple messages with one card
  10. Reading for a third person
  11. One card reading
  12. Say everything that comes to you
  13. If a reading doesn’t make sense to your client
  14. Cars with two meanings
  15. Yes / No answers
  16. When & Where questions
  17. Past, Present and Future (Part Two)
  18. If the reading is not clear enough for you
  19. After the reading
  20. What decks to use
  21. Using only one deck – which one should it be
  22. Multiple card readings (2 + decks simultaneously)
  23. Situation / 5 cards spread
  24. Celtic cross / 10 cards spread
  25. Life Purpose Reading /(Part Three) The 3 most demanded card reading topics
  26. Romance reading / Relationships
  27. Health reading
  28. Multiple choice questions
  29. How to make Angel Tarot reading a career (Part Four)
  30. Ethical standards & practice (Part Five)

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In person class, Online class


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