Crown Chakra Blend

Crown Chakra blend with essential oils & crystlas. Choose from Lavender & Amethyst and Crystal Quartz crystals. More essential oils can be added.


Known properties of the essential oils & crystals.

Crown Chakra – Spiritual connection, beauty, bliss. Pineal gland, brain, nervous system.

Lavender – Headache, insomnia, mood swings, nervous tension, frustration, irritability, nervous anxiety, panic, grief. / Stimulates healing process, promotes cell growth; breathing, muscle pain.

Amethyst – mental conditions, immune system, spirituality, business luck, justice, relationships.

Crystal Quartz – Meditation, mental clarity, balances emotions, energy protection.


Inhaler – Only with essential oils, 5.40 $

Roll-on – Base price for a roll-on with 3 essential oils is 9.50 $ / Add 6$ for crystal add-on.

Spray – Base price for a spray with 3 essential oils is 10.80 $ / Add 6$ for crystal add-on.

Diffuser blend – Base price for pure essential oils blend is 13.20 $; 1 week treatment with essential oils (~ 30 drops) / Add 6$ for crystal add-on.


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