Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression

  • To break Past Life Vows (possibly to release spirit attachments, negative energies, retrieve soul pieces)
  • Meet your Spirit Guide, ask for your Life Purpose
  • Learn how to improve your life & live in harmony
  • Explore your connections with other people – do you know each other from before? This knowledge can explain the current relationships style.
  • We all have some kind of negative patterns which keep repeating. With Past Life Regression once you find the reason for their existance, the healing process begins.
  • Self-exploration, leading to further Spiritual Growth.


Through a Past Life Regression session you can access you Past Life and meet your Spirit Guide. This meditative technique is completely safe. During a regression you are aware, conscious and in control of what you say. The Regression can help you overcome any fear, phobia, spiritual blockage, emotional problem you may have, that can’t be resolved otherwise. Past Life Regression Montreal is a spiritual technique that leads to accessing your past life memories through a guided meditation. You will receive only information that is valuable to you, and nothing scary! During the session I will be taking notes and recording your session on a digital file (if you wish), then you will share your impressions and together we will decode the experience and how it relates to your current life circumstances. If you prefer to keep your experience personal without discussing it, this is your choice and I will respect it. From the beginning and throughout the whole process you will be surrounded by your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, who will be sending you messages. The Spirit world will guide you and protect you. And finally why do I provide this service? Find the answer here. What you get with Past Life Regression:
  • Up to 2 hours session
  • Spiritual consultation before the session
  • Meditative, Cellular Regression
  • mp3 recording (upon request)
  • Discussion after the session
  • Reiki energy is always part of this session
Past Life Regression certification classes are now available. The course include Akashic Records. Please note this session is not recommended for people who never meditated. This technique requires a familiarity with basic spiritual notions and a state of open mind. If you are too stressed, afraid or insecure I recommend that we start your training with medication tutorials or Reiki. / Past Life Regression sessions are available in Montreal and online for international clients. To book in person session click here


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