Spirit Attachments


Removal of spirit attachments, curses, black magic, past life vows, evil eye; clearing your aura or home from entities. 3 sessions x 1 h = Total 3 h
1. One hour meeting / Skype to discuss your needs
2. Spirit Attachments distant session (requires your full name or photograph)
3. Follow up with an additional ritual when needed.


Spirit Attachment Release can help with the folowing:

  1. Earthbound spirits – ghosts, the souls of deceased people who did not cross over. They can attach to a place or to a person. Many times they do this unintentionally and are unaware that they are causing harm! It is also possible that they are “intelligent” spirits who do the attachment on purpose.
  2. Negative thoughts – often your own!
  3. Curses, Etheric cords, Past life vows and contracts – what is interesting here is that past life vow is something you did to yourself, while a curse is an action taken by another person, but they are both equally harmful in the present!
  4. Past Life Attachments, ancestral patterns – a past life regression session can reveal such situation.
  5. Dark forces, satanic influence, demons

If you experience the following symptoms, Spirit Attachment Release is for you!

  • Sudden change of your usual behaviour; obsessive, compulsive, addictive behaviour
  • Chronic fatigue (even with 8h sleep or more)
  • Mood swings – emotional outbursts
  • Inner voices sending you negative comments, asking you to do things
  • Feeling that you are not yourself
  • Memory, focus and concentration problems
  • Sudden appearance of anxiety (for no apparent reason), depression, panick attacks
  • The pets in your house behave differently too
  • Sudden physical pain in the neck and back (not explained medically)
  • Sudden appearance of fears and phobias
  • Repetitive or vivid nightmares
  • Feeling of another presence (as though someone is watching you)
  • Cold areas in your home


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