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Never heard of Reiki? I am offering Reiki in Montreal as a therapeutic 1 hour session, as well as a certification program. You can get trained in all 4 levels of the Traditional Reiki system, called Usui Shiki Ryoho. Get Certified in Reiki, click here for more information.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life force. Reiki is an energy healing method, where the practitioner holds his hands above the recipient without touching him/her. Translated from Japanese, Reiki is a spiritual practice, and the symbols, the hieroglyphs for the word are translated as: Rei 霊 – universe, soul, spirit & Ki 気 – energy, force, life. In China they pronounce it “Chi” instead of “Ki”. So Reiki is translated as “Universal life force” or “Universal life energy”.

Reiki is the universal life force that runs through everything and everywhere. We can learn how to use those ancient Japanese healing methods for us, other people, animals and plants, but first we need to learn to use the energy through our hands and body and then to transmit it to whomever it is necessary. We know that hands have a healing power. Think about the mother who soothes her crying baby by taking it in her arms. Reiki strengthens our immune system; it makes us feel relaxed so we can achieve a perfect physical and spiritual balance. With Reiki we do not diagnose, nor we can manipulate and after the initiation we have constant access to the energy throughout our life.


Reiki has a positive influence simultaneously on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It relieves physical pains, emotional sufferings, it removes spiritual and karmic blockages, and it balances the chakras and retrieves the natural balance in our bodies so we can live in harmony with the Universe.

As an accompanying and alternative therapy, Reiki is applied in all medical examinations and treatments; it strengthens the immune system of every living being. Below is a list of several Reiki applications but the use of Reiki is not limited by this list, it is just an example:

  • Massages, diets and physiotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupressure & Acupuncture
  • Diminishes swelling in the body
  • Improves breathing
  • Before and after surgical interventions – tissues heal more quickly (but do not send Reiki on the day of the operation, not to interfere with the doctor’s work.
  • In fractures (only after a doctor’s examination! If you suspect a fracture do not apply Reiki!)
  • Bruises, burns
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Pediatric, Ophthalmologic, Internal medicine and all other types of traditional medicine.
  • Chronic pains and chemotherapy
  • For sick and elderly people
  • In psychiatry, depressions and phobias

The consent and readiness for Reiki treatment leads to an inner peace and relaxation. That way we get rid of the muscle cramps, blockages in our energetic or physical body, stress symptoms and depression. The desire to be cured is actually half of the treatment. When a person allows the treatment, his body and organism begin to heal itself, by assimilating better the medicaments and therapies of the traditional medicine. We all know that when a person has a strong desire and his will is strong – he recovers. Later in his body occurs a self-healing process, which in most of the cases is impossible by taking medicaments only. The negative energy is transformed into positive and this is lifesaving for most of us. Reiki runs through all materials – clothes, blankets, cast, bandages, metals and so on. The recipient relaxes and receives a feeling of deep fulfillment, tranquility warmth and satisfaction. The organism purifies by releasing many toxic and harmful substances, for that reason the person may experience frequent urination, thrust, hunger or just fatigue.

Reiki doesn’t have side effects and it is completely safe! 

This is an intelligent energy which knows where it is needed most and goes in that direction.

The practitioner is only transmitting the energy, he is not the source, therefore Reiki cannot be used for mercenary purposes, in the worst case Reiki will not flow, it will simply stop, but it will never harm! Reiki is for everyone – for children, pregnant women, elderly people, animals etc.