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  1. “Kamy is a gifted Spiritual Practioner and Energy Healer. She is very thorough and compassionate when working with clients 1:1, both listening to feed-back and employing all her coaching techniques to determine where a client’s blockages are located and what tools are best served to heal them. Her workshops are super well-organized, with solid structure and an easy communication for her students to easily grasp and apply her teachings. I have also had the pleasure of working on various, different projects together with Kamy. She has great leadership ability, that encourages a collaborative spirit amongst her team members, and her delightful sense of humour imbues each project with such light energy and ease. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.” Aurora North
  2. “I had the chance to meet Kamy Dova and she knows what she’s talking about, a real passionate and professional in the field, plus, add to that an amazing soul and a good listener. She will provide the care you need according to your condition and needs. I warmly recommend her without hesitation.” Patrick Nicol
  3. “Kamy is a great reiki practitioner, she have a good understanding of how energy influence life in a daily base. For anyone who need help to see clearly through their situation, she can help you by many ways. She helped me to remove many energetic blockages that was causing me to stress and to worry. Now I am more positive and more at peace with way I approach things in my day to day life. Thank you Kamy for your help.” Dave Antoine
  4. “Kami Dova is the most amazing and professional Spiritual Counsellor, I ever met. From the moment I saw her, I felt incredible positive energy coming to my body and mind. Kami has such a warm and caring presence and infectious smile that instantly puts you at ease. This lovely lady is so easy going and makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. She is kind, honest and truly cares about helping people live the best life they can. I had an Aromatherapy-Reiki session with her and I caneasily say that since after, I feel extremely awesome. She lets you explore your ideas and feelings in an extremely comfortable and homely setting. She has helped me in so many ways to better understand myself and my life events, to gain new perspective and come to realizations, I would never have been able to without her guidance, counselling and healing. She has really given me the gift of being able to enjoy life, look after myself and deal with challenging situations. Kami has this amazing ability to gently evoke your point of reference and share such insightful information to help you to understand more about yourself. I left with so much more than what I believed. I highly recommend Kami Dova’s services, if you are ready to spend invaluable day of self-discovery and to move forward with your life, she is the women to help make this happen.
    Kami, Thank you very much, that I have you in my life!” Jeni Markova
  5. “My daughter has the crochet coins purse and for your big surprise is very spacious. There is a lot of room not only for coins but for dollars too! Excellent work. Thank you Kamy Dova.” Ana Hristova
  6. “I had an excellent Akashic record session! Kamy is very skilled and professional and I feel like I have learned much important information… definitely recommend!” Sara Speiss
  7. “A very sweet and caring owner! She makes beautiful jewelry and she’s always so lovely.” Meaa Lynn
  8. “Such a kind soul! I appreciated her gentle guidance during our session and her service-oriented approach, ensuring to answer all my questions thoroughly. I also liked that she gave me practical takeaways.” Ka Melia
  9. “Thanks Kamy for the predictions! I turn to her several times for help and assistance! Accurate, dedicated, organized and very ambitious! You can totally trust and rely on her skills and the right approach to her work! Kamy, be yourself and keep moving with the same enthusiasm!” Galia Radancheva
  10. “Kamy Dova delivered an amazing crochet work, in the time frame agreed upon and within budget. She is honest, reliable, and so very talented.” Ian Abinakle
  11. “There are people whose existence is very important to the rest, there are people who know how to pull you at times you cannot pull yourself, there are people who are chosen to give and lift … vibrations, energies, connections. .. there are people with whom communication turns your whole world and takes you … takes you to yourself … where you’ve always been, but you forgot …. Kamy is one of the lights here … a light that pulls and illuminates … helps and guides …” Petia Tsolakidou
  12. “Really good insanely precise readings !” Mitchell Yeung
  13. “She has an adorable positive energy meeting you was a pleasure thank you!” Chris Dinopoulos
  14. “Great person, great products! Well done!” Plamena Georgieva
  15. “Kamy, thank you very much, I was crying when I read the reading. Exact interpretation, positive comment, I have no words to express my satisfaction. You have a unique gift. Keep helping people. Greetings!” Aishe Kafadarova
  16. “I Thank the Angels and Kamy !!! Her predictions are very accurate !!! May the Lord guide her along the way !!!” Svetla Goranova
  17. “Thanks for the answer I expected Kamy, I have to wait for it to come true.” Hristo Hristov
  18. “Hi Kamy! First, I want to thank you for your predictions! Whenever I needed you, you were always there! You always answers with precision! I want to tell everyone how you are an amazing young persone with incredible talent! People trust Kamy in full! Kamy always predicts with great accuracy! Kamy thank you for being there! Kami thanks that you are always there for us!” Anastasia Dicheva-Stasi


  1. “Kamy is amazing, her aromatherapy products are great, the aroma is beautiful, everything smells amazing. The fragrance in a beautiful aromatic roller bar definitely helps alleviate your stress levels. The packages are great for taking in my purse. I have tried inhalers for focus and concentration, rose, lavender, soap and a beautifully packed spray. I highly recommend Kamy Dova, her products are amazing, she is very nice and professional.” Peti Racheva
  2. “I did my Reiki master teacher initiation today with Kamy Dova and to me, she is simply the greatest. Not only is she welcoming , she will teach you with patience , let’s you feel important and you share so much laughter . I am so grateful to have reached my goal with Kamy. She is a beautiful person inside and out and so blessed to have crossed path with her.” Krissy Lupacchino


  1. “Kamy Dova is a wonderful soul. Her Medium session was spot on. I was really amazed. I felt comfortable, at ease, and the reading just gave me an all round feeling of closure that I needed. I would Highly recommend her readings. Also, Kamy’s Past Life Regression was out of this world! If you suffer from depression or anxiety you will benefit from her services!” Joseph V
  2. “My first psychic experience! She (and her lovely family) made me and my friends feel right at home. I really appreciated her warm presence and patience in explaining what each card meant. I still think about her advice to this day. It’s a bit out of the way but well worth the journey.” Stephane L.


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