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  1. Aromatherapy – Naturopathic Consultation, Relaxing Reiki session with inhalation of essential oils, Meditative music, Preparation of custom blend. *Initial consultation includes opening your client file, conducting general health assessment, personalized treatment plan and lifestyle changes) (1h)
  2. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – Mindfulness reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, chronic pain, excessive worryingMindfulness is used for weight management, healthy aging, children with special needs, pregnancy, athletic performance, academic performance, work productivity etc. Mindfulness help people to improve their quality of life!
  3. Past Life Regression – Past Life Regression session. Break past life vows, release fears, learn about your Life Purpose, meet your Spirit Guide. mp3 recording upon request. Confidential sessions! (2h)
  4. Reiki – Energy healing session. Reiki has a positive influence simultaneously on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It relieves physical pains, emotional sufferings, it removes spiritual and karmic blockages, and it balances the chakras and retrieves the natural balance in our bodies so we can live in harmony with the Universe. (1h)
  5. Angel Tarot – for my long time existing clients, I still keep this session available. Spiritual guidance in the form of Tarot reading.
  6. Space Clearing, Spirit Attachment Release, Past Life Vows etc.
INSURANCE RECEIPTS available! Discount for children; full-time students, seniors, patients with chronic illness & for package of 3+ sessions Book Now