Opening Hours

Tues - Sun: 9AM - 7PM

All my services are a combination of Aromatherapy + Reiki + Spiritual Counselling. I specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management.

(check with your company what is your coverage for Naturopath visits).

Consultation, personalized plan for home treatment and custom blend of essential oils. (insurance receipts available) Essential oils influence positively the physical body & the emotional state. Perfect for holistic treatment of stress, anxyety, depression and many more mental and emotional conditions. I work with pure natural oils by Plant Therapy. 1h

One hour sensory meditation based on the Mindfulness principles. You will learn how to practice at home. Combined with Reiki & Aromatherapy. I study and practice Mindfulness since several years. My last academic research project was based on the Mindfulness approach. 1h 

Past Life Regression is a meditative technique, leading to meeting your Spirit guide, access your cellular memory and revisit past lives to unlock any emotional or physical traumas, finally to heal. I’ve had hundreds of happy customers who found relieve through this special technique! 2h 

Energy session to clear away negativity, balance your chakras (energy centers), energy protection. Reiki initiation classes are available for all levels. Reiki can be in person or a distant session (send your photo). Kamy Dova is a Reiki Master Teacher since 2015, with students from around the world! 1h

GIFT with every initial session!!!

Aromatherapy inhalers infused with natural essential oils. A free gift for your initial session (on the right).

The consultations give you access to:

  • Custom spray with essential oils (glass bottle spray) – 13 $
  • Custom blend with essential oils (roll-on glass bottles) – 15 $
  • Custom glass inhalers (high quality refillable inhalers) – 10$

The products come in a glass bottle and can be refilled on your next visit.