Follow up Session


During our initial meeting we will discuss your personal situation, your goals and possible obstacles that you wish to overcome. I will then prepare a personal plan according to your needs. Each consecutive session is follow up on your personal life coaching program. We review your progress and continue toward the next steps. You are in control of the frequency of your sessions, once a week, one bi-weekly or once a month.

For best results it is recommended to follow a weekly sessions, at least in your first 1-2 months in the program.


Follow-up session costs 60 $. Payments can be made as E-Transfer to password “kamydova”, order through the website and do bank transfer or send your credit card information for credit payment.

In person: 50 min session

Telephone / Skype: 50 min session

Email – the equivalent of 50 min session, usually one main email including your personalized plan and recommendations, your reply + up to 2 additional emails for clarification.




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