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As a Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner, I am participating in the Covid19 response organized by the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care.

On their website, CASC wrote: “To help navigate through COVID-19, we have established an outreach program to facilitate the opportunity for support from our CASC/ACSS Certified Members. Our goal is to help inquiring organizations across the country source Spiritual Care Practitioners and Psycho-Spiritual Therapists who are available to assist in response to the increased need for positive impact on overall health and well-being. Following is a list of CASC/ACSS Certified professionals who are available for virtual consultations and, in some instances, on-site visits…”

My name is listed among my colleagues. You can book your session here.

In addition, here I am announcing an additional measure to extend my support and to reach more people in need. I am aware of the financial hardship experienced by many of you. The financial strain, along with the insecurity and the fear of the unknown long-term consequences of Covid19 combines into a dangerous mixture of increased anxiety and risk of depressive state. Therefore, I will be offering SPECIAL COUNSELLING SESSIONS. Click on the link and book your private session today. You don’t have to go through these diffcult times alone!

Insurance receipts available

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