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Here is a recipe for a home-made disinfectant spray with essential oils: 

  • 60 ml glass bottle
  • 5 ml Hydrogen peroxide
  • 50 ml 70% Ethyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  • 10-15 drops essential oils 

Adjust your quantities accordingly if you bottle is bigger. Always use glass bottle when adding essential oils, and not plastic one.

Where to buy your products?

All products are easily obtainable from any local pharmacy. Alternatively try online retailers like Amazon. You can always order the spray made by me and have it shipped directly to your home.

Why would I want to make my own spray?

There are many reasons why you might want to make your own disinfectant spray:

  • essential oils are natural product (see my blog for more information on essential oils properties)
  • homemade disinfectant doesn’t contain harmful ingredients as many manufactured ones
  • it’s less expensive – as a minimum you need 1 bottle of essential oils and a bottle of alcohol, total around 15 to 20 $ plus tax. Few more bucks for a reusable glass bottle and you will have materials for making sprays for months!
  • you may be stuck at home for a while, and not have the possibility to go outside to buy one
  • essential oils aromas are beneficial for your mental state by uplifting your mood
  • it’s easy to make with products easy to find. If you don’t have Hydrogen peroxyde, skip this element. If you can’t find alcohol (it was sold out in the pharmacy today) use Vodka. Essential oils are sold in many pharmacies, you can buy one bottle only and use it longtime! 

Obviously this spray is an addition to your disinfecting routine and doesn’t replace the hand washing. Do not use on your skin. I like to disinfect my phone 📱with it, a very important object to clean 😉 Clean all door knobs and other places where you touch on daily basis. Enjoy and stay safe!

Share your comments here after you have tried the recipe. I would love to learn about your experience and suggestions! Thank you!

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