I know now, almost definitely, that it (aromatherapy) has helped me in my quest for pain relief. I have told Dr. R at the pain clinic how pain free I was while having regular (aromatherpy) treatment” (Wilkinson 1995, as cited in Buckle 2015, p.204).

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Aromatherapy has been used by people across the world since centuries. It was rediscovered in modern time by Rene-Maurice Gattefossé (Chemist), Jean Valnet (Medical Doctor) and Marguerite Maury (Nurse) (Buckle, 2015). As you can see scientists and health care professional were the people who discovered its healing properties and used essential oils ever since. Aromatherapy is not a placebo treatment! What is great about aromatherapy is that based on your individual needs you can get a personalized mix of essential oils targeting several needs. For example, a client may suffer from insomnia and skin rush – Lavender oil is suitable to address both conditions, so you don’t need to overwhelm your system with too many lotions!

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Essential oils have various benefits, for example oils with analgesic properties ease pain, antiseptic oils fight infections, anti-inflammatory oils tret inflammation and swelling (Kennedy, 2016). As a spiritual counsellor I am interested in their positive effect on the mental state of my clients. Among my best-selling products are recipes for Good night sleep, Anti-stress, Meditation, Focus & Concentration, Emotional Trauma, Anger Management, Allergies, PMS, Immune system support.*

Applications: essential oils can be either inhaled or applied topically on the skin (after being diluted in plant based organic oils). Product examples include: inhalers, diffuser blends, roll on blends, sprays.

Why use the services of a professional and certified Aromatherapist? Essential oils are highly concentrated and should not be used undiluted on the skin. Some oils have contraindications for specific medical conditions. If you don’t use the recipes created by a certified aromatherapist you risk suffering from possible negative side effects. To avoid that and to enjoy safe experience, book your private consultation here.

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*Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, I do not diagnose and do not treat medical conditions. As a registered Naturopath & Certified Spiritual Counsellor, I educate clients on the benefits of holistic wellbeing and the benefits of essential oils for the overall health and inner peace. Aromatherapy is a complementary treatment and not intended to replace any traditional medical therapy. All clients sign consent form.