Mindfulness is part of my Spiritual Counselling service offered to clients who deal with anxiety, depression or who look for better balance and increased perception of happiness. It is through the work on our perception that we can achieve the desired results.

Mindfulness based stress reduction is an evidence based practice approved to use in clinical setting. The measurable changes in a person practicing Mindfulness meditation include changes in breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and consequently emotional changes.

Mindfulness meditation can reduce anxiety and fear response;

Mindfulness increases concentration, memory, patience, motivation, self-love, acceptance and gratitude, internal peace, leading to better relationships.

Mindfullness is also widely used in corporate environment, as it has been proven to increase employees productivity and contentration. Therefore mindfullness practice is suitable for students too, for anyone who needs to work on memory retention and attention control.

A single meditation session includes spiritual counselling, personalized goals plan and adapted meditation to your needs, plus tutorial how to maintain the meditative state without an instructor, thus practicing mindfulness daily on your own.

Meditate with Me