Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)

Purpose: To resolve reocurring issues; achieve mental clarity, emotional peace and clearer life perspective; to gain spiritual insight; release suffering, grief; to clear mental residue – unexplained strong beliefs, thoughts or emotions; Karma balancing; Spirit attachment release etc.

Applications of Past Life Regression Therapie:

  • Emotional: Family, Friends or Rivals, Soulmates, Conflicts, Breakups, Significant Life Changes, Depression, Loss and Grieving, Career Crossroads
  • Mental: Fears, Phobias & Aversions, Negativity & Anxiety, Mental Blocks, Obsession, Compulsion, Déjà Vu, Intuitions, Dreams
  • Physical: Weight Loss, Healing Injuries or Illness, Syndromes, Chronic Pains, Birthmarks
  • Spiritual: Reconnect with Spiritual Abilities, Understand Life Purpose, Review Life with Spirit Guide, Connect with Higher Self, Reconcile With Death

Method: Past Life Regression therapy combines the use of hypnotic inductions and connecting to spirit guides.

Sessions: A regular Past Life Regression Therapy consists of initial consultation and usually 3 to 5 regression sessions. You can expect the following:

0. Client Interview & FAQ discussion

  1. Consultation before the session & Age Regression; Accessing past lives
  2. Entering past lives; Multiple past lives; End of lifetime; Identifying key people in your past and current life; Life Review; Identifying blocks. (one or two sessions).
  3. Therapeutic Resolution – Karma, Forgiveness, Releasing blockages.
  4. Follow up session (optional)

Schedule: Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

How do we connect? Via Skype kamydova, Facebook messenger or telephone. Instructions and appointment time will be sent to you.

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About the Therapist: I am specializing in various spiritual and meditative techniques since 1997 & I do professionally Past Life Regression sessions since 2016. See my clients’ reviews.

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Disclaimer: Spiritual counselling and hypnosis do not replace the care of medical doctors or psychotherapists. Past life regression is known to be beneficial for client’s spiritual wellbeing and development. PLRT do not replace your mental health therapy. Kamy Dova is a Spiritual Counsellor, not a psychotherapist. Every client sign a consent form prior to a session.